Dancing with horned ladies

“What happens if you stop using antibiotics? If you do not vaccinate your cows at all? And what happens if you make cheese from raw milk?

Farmers Jan Dirk and Irene van de Voort asked these questions, since they don’t believe in technical solutions which they see as causing more problems. When in 2004 they quit using antibiotics they discover how bad the cows are. The beginning of a long search towards a natural cycle.

New questions arise like how to make soil, grass, and cow healthy again. For their answers they start from the idea that everything can be found in nature and solutions will have to be found there. With experiments, recovering lost knowledge, innovations, and with learning by trial-and-error, they manage to recover the natural cycle.

The result is a unique farm, free of antibiotics, where healthy cows live without vaccinations, in an ecological balanced field which keeps surprising scientists, and where cheese is made which restaurants offer as exquisite food”.

Trailer Dancing with horned ladies from Onno Gerritse.

Watch the film online: https://vimeo.com/361063946